Unicorn Love & Mole Hatred

With the popularity of last week's Chrome Kids release, the "I Love Unicorns" maxi-single, its creator, Th' Mole, has also taken some flack. The Sickrime Komitty have just released a single called "Fuck Th' Mole!" in which they attack the unique MC's musical ability, self-promotional techniques, and his masculinity!

One of the most cutting verses comes from Ms. Persepshin, in which she states, "...your fuckin' dad's your only fan. It really is no wonder that he raised a sap like you. But lucky for the future of the human gene pool, no woman in her right mind would ever mate with you. I would fuck a million lepers to avoid a date with you." Then, adding insult to injury, Th' Mole's dad makes an appearance in which he claims, "I'm not really a fan of him either. Fuck him."

But every dark cloud has a silver lining. For a good laugh check out the horribly designed Sickrime Komitty web page.

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