DJ 0.000001 & Foxdye, live in Strasbourg

From their European tour of last month, this edition of the Blunted Library Show features a live recording of DJ 0.000001 (AKA Th' Mole), mashing it up on-the-fly, along with Foxdye providing blips, squelches and fart noises via her iPod. And as always on BLS, the show also includes a nice mix by resident DJ Fred Ficus.

And here's a little video of it too..

Blunted Library Show with TH'Mole & Foxdie from Ficus on Vimeo.

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One Response to DJ 0.000001 & Foxdye, live in Strasbourg

blipoids said...

Best thing I heard this side of the year!

I'm not kidding, I need this on my iPod! Where's the download link?