F**king Dino-Sized Beats

Mochipet just slammed us with the first single to his forthcoming album 'Rawr Means I Love You' due out later this year. 'Whomp-a-saurus Sex Party', as the name suggests is like an orgy between the Dinobots (well the Triceratops one was called 'Slag'). Incidentally, the T Rex one, Grimlock, is one of the only toys that I still hold from my childhood. Him and the big snail looking Zoid... ah and Ma Mutt (was he even a proper Thundercat character?)! All of whom could probably gate crash this particular gang bang and still not make it any less filthy.

The single has already reached #1 on Addictech so to celebrate, it shall be given away to fans via SoundCloud as soon as it hits 5069 plays. However, you can pick it up now on with some beastly remixes from the likes of Freddy Todd, Ill-esha and Ben Samples.

"Mochipet - Whomp-a-saurus Sex" from Rawr Means I Love You! by Mochipet

Mochipet - Whompa-saurus-sex (FreddyTodd Remix) [OUT NOW ON DALY CITY RECORDS] by FreddyTodd

and just incase you missed 'Drop Bombs'!

Drop Bombs- Mochipet Remix by Mochipet

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