Don't Confuse Her For a Girl She Will Destroy You

Remember that scene in Blade Runner where Daryll Hannah starts flipping out and nearly f**ks Rutger Hauer into oblivion, saving Harrison Ford a shed load of hassle? No nor do we but something tells me that’s what happens in the ‘Ghettozoid Director’s re-cut’ and this is the soundtrack to that very scene. Vangelis would probably be crying into his synthesiser if he heard this... or not. This is driving robo-booty bass music of the highest order and is out next week on One4Ho.

O4H003 Ghettozoid Boy Toy Finyl master by One4Ho

On the flip side evil genius Silverman has taken control of the 'Boy Toy' and has pushed it to the limits so it’s bordering on malfunction. It seems like he’s trying to use it to take over the planet, and he might just succeed.

Ghettozoid - BoyToy (Silverman RMX) by SiLVERMAN

If you're anywhere near the Sarf Larndon area tomorrow night (Saturday 9th April), go buy the One4Ho girls a drink down at the Brixton Bar & Grill. In return they shall play you much good tuneage, seems a fair swap.

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