This fortnight's show has a bunch of great remixes: Exeter fiddles with Sizarr, ARP101 touches up Slugabed, Face & Heel tweak Py's buttons a litle and our very own Bodhi gets full on Shades of Grey with The xx. Plus some new artists on the radar such as Julien Mier, Alis and Tere$jenee, some new faves in Two Inch Punch, Ango, Rain Dog and Rudi Zygadlo, topped off with some rapping from Childish Gambino, Ruffest (alongside LV) and Ty + Akua Naru on Shuko's superb soulful tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Also, here's a few of those tunes from the show that you can grab for free download.

Plus as a bonus have this free download of Gweno from our friends Them&Us (aka Killa Kela and Amy Carmine) that was a little too hype for this show this time but worth checking still. You can also check a Stanton Warriors remix of one of their own tracks here.

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jokesfb said...

GREAT CONTENT , I really enjoy this and wish to come again at here .
Thanks a Lot