Boom It In Ya Jeep

6Blocc from LA got his name from a Masta Ace track apparently ("the bass I create is heard from six blocks") so it seems only right he Dubstep´s up the classic Jeep Ass Niguh ... although of course the bass Ace was pumping out was heard from 50 Blocks away by then. If only he´d pumped this it might even have been further again.

(YSI) 6Blocc - Jeep Music / alt link

Also repping LA hard is Ruckazoid, whose album Diamond Studded Mothaship should be dropping later in the year. Gonna be massive if this Boyz remix is anything to go by.

(YSI) MIA - Boyz (Ruckazoid Remix) / alt link

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2 Responses to Boom It In Ya Jeep

So What ?Di Khrap said...

Massiv RSPCT 2da 6Blocc...So much tings to comeYaaaaa'lll

Anonymous said...

Please Re-Up this, The links are deaded...