CKFR # 5 DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet - Eazy E On Atari

Eazy E was the first to admit that he wasn’t exactly a role model. Yet that didn’t stop millions of teenagers kids all across the world looking up to the alter-ego of business brain Eric Wright and agreeing that this was indeed one gangsta muthafucka worthy of respect. Many hardcore Hip-hoppers have since cursed the day that guns, bitches and bling became one of the cornerstones of the movement, but secretly they were never directing their ill feelings towards originators such as Eazy E. Without him Ice Cube would probably still be ripping off the Beastie Boys, Dr Dre might still be wearing make-up and both Yella and MC Ren would have disappeared without trace (okay so that happened anyway but you get the drift). He carried an arsenal of guns bigger than he was, had money coming out of every orifice and pussy falling out of his pockets but still managed to donate millions to charities, and regularly took orphans on field trips. Sadly, in a cruel twist of irony, his passion for ‘pussy’ caught up with him and in 1995 he died of AIDS, leaving a bullet sized hole in the Hip-hop world, and spreading fear across anyone in LA who had neglected to use a condom recently.

Now thanks to a rare 92 accapella and the kind of electronic re-engineering that only happens to cyborgs in sci-fi movies, ‘the lunatic psycho muthafucka’ is back from the grave, on a mission of sex, death, violence and revenge, all good family entertainment as usual. Mixes come in a glitched up and bouncy style from Eprom, a juggernaut driving DJ 0.000001 mix for those long lonely highways and a huge Mochipet mash up of the two that comes stomping in like an electronic Hip-hop slaughter fest. Think Ed 209 Versus Robocop or one of the missing evil Decepticons that turns into a crunked up Monster Truck with speakers in its rims.

"That's very fucking rude!" Rob Da Bank (BBC Radio 1)

This EP is the latest in our Fre-Release series that started with a previous DJ 0.000001 track and has since included Stagga, zwolf and Th’ Mole. Look out for plenty more lined up over the rest of the year.

Downloads (Mediafire)

DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet - Eazy E On Atari / alt link

DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet ft Eprom - Eazy Eprom / alt link

DJ 0.000001 - Eazy E On The Range / alt link

Full zip with artwork, acapella and Eazy E On Atari instrumental here...

Mochipet & DJ 0.000001 - Eazy-E On Atari (zip) / alt link

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11 Responses to CKFR # 5 DJ 0.000001 & Mochipet - Eazy E On Atari

So What ?Di Khrap said...

The Eazy E # the same link as da Eprom one

& Also i get the Zip. from Daly City and seems there's only a _MAC OSX folder...empty

Maybe cause i use a PC ?

Thanks for the great post
Im always up for new Mochipet materials!!!! Hiiiyaaa

Nebojsa said...

7-Zip will extract all the songs -


whoops, apologies for the link mess up, was a bit hurried and had to get it up today... will sort out in the morning and maybe upload a separate zip file from a PC too.


should all be sorted now... the alt link on the whole EP is a seperate zip folder with all in.

So What ?Di Khrap said...

Dope, i get it man
Thanks again ;)

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