Big In Berlin

When our bredren Stagga upped and relocated to Berlin there was certainly an emptiness around the corridors of Chrome Mansions, however we knew he was in good company with the likes of Jamie Vex'd, Robot Koch, Doshy and Kid606 all making lots of dope sounding bass heavy bleepy noises in the city. In fact with everything moving generally eastwards in Europe, it makes sense to be active at the gateway and so we're off to join our Chrome amigo for the week and properly check out Berlin. I'm sure there shall be many tales to tell and maybe even a couple of posts, but for now here's a little taster of what's fresh from the city at the moment.

First up we have this beautiful version of People Are Strange by Robot Koch and his wife Mimi de la Boheme.

This isn't for download yet but you will be able to buy a copy soon so no fear. We did however, just pick this gem up from Robot Koch's blog Robots Don't Sleep.

(YSI) Robot Koch vs Charles Mingus - Moanin'

Plus hot off the press is this slick, glitched up reworking of the classic Dabrye & (MF) Doom track with fellow Berlin resident Flako.

(YSI) Dabrye feat. MF Doom - Air (fLako & Robot Koch remix)

Dabrye - Air feat. Mf Doom (fLako & Robot Koch Remix) by kwatro

Next is a little taster of what Stagga's been cooking up of late too.

(YSI) Stagga - Rub On Ya Bass Binz (limited d/l)

(YSI) Stagga - Tubby's Innovation / alt link

Finally we have two soundboy stomping mixtape selections from Kid 606. The first one he hit us up with the other day, and well the name pretty mich speaks for itself.

(Direct Link) Kid606 - On a Ragga-Dubstep-Techno-Rave-Soca Tip 2009 Live DJ Mix

Kid606 - On a Ragga-Dubstep-Techno-Rave-Soca Tip DJ Mix by Tigerbeat6
Next up is the latest podcast for XLR8R in which he mixes up an epic 47 tracks including Rustie, Drop The Lime and Dexplicit in with plenty of his own twisted productions. Check the full tracklisting or grab the enhanced m4a version here.

(Direct Link) Kid606 - Megachurch Meltdown

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If not could you shoot me it in email?


SoundAdvice said...

Big tunes! I been searching for Stagga 'Jacqueline' for tiiiime. Ive found it on 12" but is it available to buy on WAV/MP3 anywhere?

Big thanks

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Yo i just saw yall added us to your blog roll! Thanks lots, got you in ours as well

Stay Up,

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