Look Mom, Mix N Blend

Mix N Blend most definitely live up to their name on new album Look Mom No Hands which just dropped on the fairly seminal African Dope label. In fact when it comes to mixing up and blending the most exciting and relevant sounds worldwide today they are most definitely at the forefront. Like similar genre busting Dance music groups such as Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada, this is feel good fun music and although it won't revolutionise modern music, it means there's not a great deal of ego wanking and is that a bad thing? A number of our favourite glitched up Hip-hop and Dubstep crews come out of the group's native Cape Town and there's a few present here, such as: PH Fat on the Hulk hopping bounceathon Spring Step, which sounds slightly like it should be the theme music for a twisted kids detective series; or Fletcher who joins them on Shall We Swing, the kind of tune that might have been made if a mischevious time traveller decided to introduce computers and ketamine to a 1930s speak easy, reminding us of acts such as Freddie Cruger or Lucas (of 'The Lid Off' fame, remember him?). We've mainly posted up the crew's Dubstep outings previously and there are a few tracks that represent that here but there's so much more, with big Reggae and Hip-hop influence, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Soul, Jazz and a fair splattering of bass all being thrown into the Mix N Blend pot. You can pick it up from African Dope direct, Juno or Track It Down now.

We also have this super chilled Dubstep-esque remix of the Fat Freddy's Drop track The Raft by the crew (+ SFR) for you to download from their Soundcloud account.

Fat Freddys Drop - The Raft (Mix n Blend n Sfr's Re-edit) by mixnblend

Download: Fat Freddys Drop - The Raft (Mix n Blends n Sfr's Re-edit)

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