Skreaming Toddlas

Toddla T hit us up with this Skream remix for the first single being released on the Girls Music label which he's set up with Raf Rundell. The track from T Willy sounds like it might also have Benjamin Zephaniah on a poetry tip but we can't seem to find any evidence of that apart from the fact it sounds like it. Speaking of unqualified assumptions, I'm also starting to think Toddla T is actually Skream's cheeky Northern alter ego. Despite having met both of them on a few occasions and them not really being anything alike, and having no evidence to support this and no reason for thinking it at all, but the voices don't lie and when all is revealed you just wait... okay it's been a long month.

Download: T Willy - Come Out & Play (Skream Remix) / alt link (actually it's not, see comments below)

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4 Responses to Skreaming Toddlas

Lifter Baron said...

Interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

hmmh. isn't this "toddla t - rebel feat. benjamin zephania and joe goddard (skream remix) ?" it was on his fabric live mix.

Anonymous said...

yeah its also on his album, 'skanky skanky'


ha ha, whoops yeah you guys are right indeed. guess both us and Toddla messed up there, we should also have taken a closer listen to Skanky Skanky. Ah well it's a BIG tune still.