Elucid On Elucid

As you might have expected we have been loving the new Elucid album. But we wanted to know if our feelings and thoughts on the Sub Bass Diet had any correlation to the feelings and thoughts that went behind making it, so we asked Elucid to break the spirit of the album down for us, turns out we are definitely on the same page.

Here's what he had to say...

The Sub Bass Diet is relevant because of its fearlessness. The old model of selling music has all but vanished and NOW is the time for artists to experiment and be bold enough to not really give a fuck about popular opinion. That spirit of rebellion has always informed my music and I stuck to my guns here with The Sub Bass Diet. I set out recording SBD without any sense of nostalgia for the past (and a thorough disgust for the present) I looked ahead and tried to make music I felt was a foundation for the future. Dubstep and other digital bass heavy rhythms only matched the vibes I was bringing across lyrically.

With the title playing on The South Beach Diet I imagined the music as a method to shedding the dead weight of life and stepping into new consciousness for myself. This is reflected throughout the project. Messages of self love, vision, purpose and determination are there for those who need it. But where there's love, trust there's destruction around the corner. Destruction of outdated ways of thinking,interaction, egomania, class/race/gender inequalities and all that separate us from truth.

"Dis poem is knives. Bombs. Guns. Blood. Fire blazing for freedom" - Mutabaruka

Download: Elucid - The Sub Bass Diet

If you love the album as much as we do then it's highly recommended you head over and show some support by grabbing his new double headed single Cheap Suit / Pandemonium, available from Bandcamp for just $2.

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