Sunday Sorting

Now at the risk of sounding like a bunch of sentimentalists, sometimes you need to stop, breathe and assess what's around you to fully appreciate exactly what you've got and how that can help you move forwards. Sunday for most people is a great time to do this, so bearing that in mind we've spent the day going through our inbox and have realised that we've got some monstrous frickin' tunes and so we're going to use those to move forward in the manner of a deranged gang of cyber loons on a ruthless mission to infect the eardrums of the planet and turn you all into bass junkies. It really does help too, we feel zen as f**k, you should try it.

As well as a bunch of new tracks set to drop, Thrills is ready to kick start his new label Sub Philo Music Group with offerings from the likes of DZ & XI, Dev79, Vaski, Bombaman and Blood Shake all on the cards. Not only that but he's hooked us up some killer remixes of DJ DJ from Zion I, flipping it from Bay Area Baile Funk into some brutal Bassline jump up bizness with the help of Tony Rocky Horror.

Download: Zion I - DJ DJ (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Bassline Remix) / alt link

Download: Zion I - DJ DJ (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Dubstep Remix) / alt link

Anybody remember the R'n'B track Pony from Ginuwine? It's crazy to think it was released back in 1996 when you listen to the incredible Timbaland production on that track, even crazier when you know it was recorded 3 years earlier back in 1993. He was not only 16 years ahead of his time but positively light years. We recently had this Dubstep remix of the track through from Boson that thankfully makes full use of the original beat and helps to highlight our point here.

Download: Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix) / alt link

It's easy to take you're eye off the ball when you're in the middle of a ball pool and so we haven't been keeping a close an eye as we should be on Run Riot Records. If we had been we'd have noticed this dope remix of a Gouseion track posted a couple of months back. Luckily Graintable gave as a heads up recently when he sent us a video of him performing the track on his APC 40.

Download: Gouseion - We're in High School (Graintable Remix) / alt link

Can also listen to / download the track here.

Couple of beautifully deep floatsome Dubstep remixes from Grevious Angel and Demon of Macabre Unit. The track is called Drift by A Bridge Far Away and features vocalist Indi Kaur whom some might remember from DJ Pinch's Underwater Dancehall album. The original can be found on the forthcoming Enchanted which drops on Methodology Recordings in the new year and has already been getting support from the likes of Pathaan, Jus Wan and Bobby Friction.

Download: A Bridge Far Away feat. Indi Kaur - Drift (Demon Remix)
/ alt link

Download: A Bridge Far Away feat. Indi Kaur - Drift (Grievous Angel Remix) / alt link

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10 Responses to Sunday Sorting

matamatics said...

I just made a (dubstep) remix of Ginuwine's "Pony" completely independently of hearing about Boson's remix (you're going to have to take my word for it on that one). But when I was finished I realized the reason I liked the original version was the beat, not so much the vocals. Anyway, Boson's remix is phat.

matamatics said...

...and in case it wasn't clear why Boson's remix is phat, it is because, like the blogger of the post noted, Boson maintains the essence of the original beat, which was a shear gem. Seriously, well done.


nice one Matamatics, it's cool Boson is not the first person we've heard do a remix of this, although it is possibly the best so far. Send us a copy of yours though, would love to hear it.

brooke said...

Ginuwine's 'pony' was really good! Great sound tracks! i just found some other great songs by Ginuwine, you should really check them out. they are great! Ginuwine

Guy said...

Yo, I thought you guys might be feelin' this jam...

R. Kelly - Bump N Grind Dubstep rmx by Smut Pushers


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