Dead Geoff Refuses To Be Buried

Believe it or not, we here at Chrome Kids are not built 100% perfect, so that despite best intentions, some of the tracks we may have decided to blog get lost amidst a pile of work, rest and playing the next couple of hundred tunes to come through that day. This happened some time ago with tracks from the Purple Bird label whom we found by chance then hit up for some music, only for it to be buried til this morning when this Dead Geoff & Mister Thumbs track popped up randomly on our iTunes. It's great, so here it is... finally.

Renoise by purplebirdmusic

Download: Dead Geoff & Mister Thumbs - Renoise

Check the Purple Bird Music site for full download of the EP and some of their other artists. Plus there's some damn fine Glitch hop worth listening to on their Soundcloud page, such as this one...

*67 (Star SixNine Remix) Dead Geoff x Fatty Acid by purplebirdmusic

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