Gorillaz In The Midst

Still feeling fairly Glastonburied after our festival weekend but sure we shall come alive long enough to tell you all about it some day soon. In the meantime here's a couple of Gorillaz remixes from our London dwelling compadre The Last Skeptik. I managed to catch them live just before our set (Monky and Stagga arrived about 30 seconds before we played thanks to Easyjet, but that's another story) and was mightily impressed with the guests they managed to pull together for it: Lou Reed; Mark E Smith; Bobby Womack; Shaun Ryder; Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon); Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde); Kano; Bashy; Snoop Dogg; and De La Soul amongst others. Shame no Mos Def or Gruff Rhys but then there's not much room for complaining with that kind of line up.

Download: Gorillaz feat De La Soul + Gruff Rhys - Superfast Jellyfish (The Last Skeptik Remix)

Download: Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill (The Last Skeptik Remix)

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