Lickin' Lollipop Ladies

The Associated Minds boys are canny lads. Whilst there has been something of a Hip-hop drought of late they have been stock piling some serious tunes to unleash on us all. I say this with a certain amount of guess work, a touch of faith and the slightest bit of actual knowledge. You see they've been keeping their cards closer to their chest than Nicole Kidman playing Strip Poker. We keep catching glimpses, although it might not be wise to use any kind of nipple analogy when referring to some of their rappers.

The latest snippet to sneak out of the stable is this Metabeats produced crunked up funk bumper. The Lollipop Lady’s Favourite is the first single from Willo Wispa’s eagerly anticipated Wot’s Willo On!?! album and features our favourite jazzy Welsh starlet in the making Ruby Samba.

WILLO WISPA (Prod by METABEATS) 'The Lollipop Lady's Favourite' Snippet by AssociatedMinds

The tune is a while heap of fun and we can't wait for the video which looks like it's going to be triple jokes galore if this 'Making of' is anything to go by...

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