Monky: Journey To The West

If you happen to be in San Diego you may have caught Monky doing his thing over the weekend already but he's not done with the West Coast of the USA just yet. He will be playing out above Paradise Lounge in San Francisco tomorrow (Wednesday 9th)and The Airliner in LA on Saturday 12th. It's his first trip out there to DJ so if you're any place close make sure you reach out and show him some love.

In true exchange student fashion, back here in Chrome Mansions we've been listening to two of our favourite West Coast amigos. Bassnectar and Troublemaker (or rather his crew King Fantastic and their new album which is....erm... fantastic).

With less wobble but just as much weight as his club destroyers, Lorin from Bassnectar hit us up with his new remix for Sleigh Bells that carries off a summer floaty vibe but with a rather menacing undercurrent.

Sleigh Bells - Run The Heart (Bassnectar Remix) -- FREE DOWNLOAD by Bassnectar

You'll have to wait a few more days before you can get your hands on the full album from King Fantastic (June 15th to be precise) but here one of their tracks gets the full HavocNdeeD treatment, flipping their 'Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic' into Stompindubstepbutstillgangstermusic

Download: King Fantastic - Stop F**king Playing (HavocNdeeD Remix)

Finally a special treat as the two forces combine for this King Fantastic remix of Bass Head by Bassnectar. Killer Reese One's West Coast gangster rhymin' style suits the stank as hell beat just perfectly.

Download: Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix)

Also, whilst Monky has been off trapsing the States, Stagga has been making his way round the other side of the world and will be finishing off in Melbourne on Saturday. Here's the flyer with the info...

Despite these travels, everyone will be making it back to the UK for a full Chrome Kids line up at Glastonbury this year. Friday night 1am at the Bassline Dome in Shangri La.

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