We Got The Funk

Seems like the birth of a new mutated hybrid genre every week at the moment, soon it's gonna be a different scene sprouting for each tune. We've thrown a few into the pot ourselves so we're not about to complain, infact we shall celebrate a new genre called N-Funk! What is it? Well from what we can tell it's a mix of, erm... Funky Breaks and Electro Breaks, and the scene so far consists of NAPT but nevertheless it's set to have a big hit in the shape of 'Make My Day' featuring Bashy (see above vid).

To celebrate this union they've broke out a couple of classics to mash up with Bashy's 'Millionaire'. With Breaks having taken a bit of a bashing the past few years we're happy to sneak this to you in the form of a new genre, cos it's phunky as hell.

Download: Bashy vs 2PAC vs Chromeo - NAPT Millionaire's Mash up

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