Chrome Kids Radio Show - 3rd November 2010

Okay so this week we started with a track off the new Terror Danjah album, if anyone was questioning the future of Grime we suggest it’s right here or perhaps it’s the next track that holds the key as Grime singer Maverick Sabre rips it over Starkey’s 'Holodeck' to massive effect with 'Run To The Roof'. Then out of Iceland is Hypno, with a Juke influenced slab of bass music for RAMP. Glasgow’s S-Type drops on his hometown label Phuturelabs with a Crunkstep track dedicated to wildlife badman 'Terry Nutkins'. Stateless have a fantastic album due next year on Ninja Tunes from which we take 'Miles To Go', if you want a Dark Sky remix of their single 'Ariel', you can grab it here. Our boys CRST provide a juicier than thou remix of the new single from Bloc Party frontman Kele whilst also from the South Wales area is Exotope who changes up his usual filth monsters for a stunning slice of House / Garage and even Monky steps ever closer to the House arena with his brilliantly named 'Potato Dolphins'. Skinnz drops a firing remix of 'Holy Mountain', the debut release from Talk, a recent signing for the Nightshifter’s label. Every mix on Shy FX’s forthcoming single 'Raver' is a killer, we opted for the MJ Cole one. The first Sub Swara album blew us all away and their forthcoming follow up 'Triggers' certainly doesn’t disappoint either. A weighty guest list includes members of Antibalas, Dead Prez and the track we played which features Lyrics Born (who also has a pretty dope funked up album As U Were that’s just dropped). Also on more of a Hip-hop tip is: DELS new single for Big Dada which once again is produced by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard; and Pigeon John’s ode to chore slacking 'To Do List'. Top this off with a J.O.H. remix of Ikonika’s 'Ikoniklast' and you have the show.

That was more a stream of consciousness than a round up but anyway, now shut your eyes, press play and get it in listening form.

Download: Chrome Kids Radio Show (November 3rd 2010)


Terror Danjah & Dream Mclean - Grand Opening
Maverick Sabre – Run To The Roof
Hypno – Go Shorty
S Type - Terry Nutkins
Stateless – Miles To Go
Kele - On The Lam (C.R.S.T. Remix)
Shy FX - Raver (MJ Cole Remix)
Talk - Holy Mountain (Skinnz Remix)
Exotope – Everything In My Mind
Nosaj Thing - Light #1 (Take Remix)
DELS – Trumpalump
Sub Swara feat. Lyrics Born – Fire It Up
Ikonika - Ikonoklast JOH Remix
Monky - Potato Dolphins
Pigeon John – To Do List

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2 Responses to Chrome Kids Radio Show - 3rd November 2010

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Code Magoo said...

Greetings from Ice Cold Canada, I`m loving this show and am sad that I didn`t find it and dl it in Nov because sendspace no longer has it... any chance of a re-up for this siiick mix?