Demokracy - Double Star

Featured on this blog three weeks ago, Russia’s Demokracy return on Robox Neotech with the upcoming Double Star EP. It’s a wildly assorted partypack of bass flavours, kicking off with the out-and-out bombast of the opening title track, which has a distinct whiff of heavy metal about it. Elsewhere influences from Zomby to Drexciya rear their heads, meshed into spangled dubstep/hiphop beat stylings, cold, blippy synthlines and the occasional (if I’m honest) slightly iffy vocal sample. Messy but well worth checking – as are the two freebies below, which showcase the duo's restless sound.

Demokracy - Starhaven (320)

Demokracy’s Damscray has also been busying himself with some solo action and has an EP dropping soon. His excellent refix of P-Fang’s “Graveyard” slings some jukey drum patterns into the pot for good measure.

p-fang - graveyard (damscray remix) by Damscray

While we’re on the subject, Robox are giving a big push to the rest of their roster with material in the pipeline. Pick of these is probably Nasty Nasty, whose “No Names VIP” sets a yearning vocal snippet riding over an oily b-line, and is available for download via Soundcloud.

No Names VIP by NastyNasty

And an honourable mention goes out to Darkhouse Family, now also hooked up with the label. The nutso, skittering “Snaggle Tooth” is a strong recent addition to their Soundcloud page.

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2 Responses to Demokracy - Double Star

Bruno said...

For some reason the two Demokracy tracks won't download. Just wondeirng if you repost.

Bruno said...

Must have been a glitch. No problems DL-ing now.