Cold Soul, Warm Heart

Although we may be slightly biased due to their support of our family members, the RoboxNeotech label never fails to satisfy, and they’ve smashed it once again with the new EP from Russian/Siberian crew, Demokracy. Like all RoboxNeotech releases there’s the feeling of little machine babies being born and slowly opening their eyes into a strange world of humans. As the track’s name might suggest, it’s cold, like Narnia under the Snow Queen but with a warm sub that heats up your insides from the bottom of the soul to the tip of your strings. This can also be said of the Bass Science remix except he brings elements of mutant rave to the proceedings whilst Monty Clunk come with some drunken cyber-step, puking out circuits like it’s just downed 20 pints of battery acid. All are definitely worth picking up, but the fellas are offering out this moody little low-riding Glitch hop number from Dies Irae as a freebie taster.

Download: Demokracy - Wintermute (Dies Irae Remix)

Still on a winter vibe, this garage-esque track from Hackman has everything right for the season: Warmth; chills; reflection; depth; stillness; but with a driving pulse that beats a path, full steam to spring. First caught him on Fabric’s (should bloody well be) seminal Elevator compilation and it is they whom are offering this out, along with the information that you may catch him in the club’s Room 3 on Fri Jan 14th alongside such luminaries as Horsepower Productions, El-B, Oris Jay and Seiji.

Download: Hackman - Fists Of Ham

And finally, as vocalists finally catch onto the fact that producers have been steaming ahead of them on the underground circuit, the latest in a line of ones to watch (and rightly so), Alex Clare is offering up his latest track 'Relax My Beloved', for free download from his Myspace page. This is incredibly heart warming / breaking electronic encased blues and soul stuff and we’re definitely interested to hear the Diplo & Switch produced long player that’s due out on Island this year.

Relax My Beloved - ALEX CLARE by IslandRecordsA&RUK

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