Video Killed The Radio Star

Been a while since we posted anybody else's dope videos up here so...

We've always had love for the Seclusiasis label on here but this video from Warsnare and Fille de la Lune properly blew me away. Not heard the EP yet but I'm off to get a copy as soon as I've written this post.

Dark moody swagged out business from Black Dahlia, a dope new project from one of our favourite producers, Blue Daisy and rapper Hey!Zeus.

This is probably our favourite thing right now. Pure sunshine vibes from our South Wales compadres, Metabeats, Vanity Jay and the Associated Minds family. 80 Boogie Meets 90s RNB, Meets Future Funk... and that's just the video. Complete win.

This SOPHIE track hasn't got a video to go with it as such but as their only sending out YouTube promos and I'm feeling it, here it is.

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