Random Heaviness

Heavy mix here of 'Bass heavy electronic Hip hop, Glitchy House and some Ravey Dubstep.' The link was left as a comment on the page so we don't really know much about it unfortunately, except that it's either by Nic or Moar Moar, or they might well be the same person, and they're possibily Australian. Oh dear, we haven't done too great on this one have we. Still bugger the details it's a great mix of tuneage nonetheless so enjoy.

Download Mix


Fulgeance – Tita Lima Esquizofrevo (Luv n Hate remix)
Frank n Dank – All seasons
Oliverdaysoul - Brain
Heralds of Change – Be out there ft Oddisee & Trek Life
Lukid – Fall apart
Neil Landstrumm – Godfathers 560
Dorian Concept – The fucking formula
Busy P – To protect and entertain (Mr. Oizo remix)
Diplo – Smash a Kangaroo (instrumental)
Kelis – Bossy (Two Fingers remix)
Zion and I – Lift me up (Traxamillion remix)
Mochipet – Tangle ft. Epcot
Ghislain Poirier – No more blood (Megasoid edit)
Ben Mono – Don't stop
Tolcha & Soom T – Send dem kids to war (Eva B remix)
Milanese – Caramel Cognac
Jahcoozi – Who (Kraddy remix)
Hint - At the dance
Sway – What you know (instrumental)
Jahcoozi – Jah C DC
Chaim - Africomania
Little Nobody – We call it crack house (Si Begg remix)
Modeselektor – Dancing Box ft TTC
Meat Katie – Stop the revolution ft Odissi (Bassbin Twins remix)
Joker – Digidesign
Spank Rock – Bump (Liver remix)
Tipper – Swipe Dub
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Reso – Smash yer face in

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2 Responses to Random Heaviness

Huge said...

lol. it's nic and is indeed from australia. here is a mirror! http://www.dubstep.com.au/mixes/nic_MOAR+MOAR+mix.mp3


thanks for clearing that one up Mr Huge.