Weather Or Not

With the weather here in Wales being as unpredictable as always, not sure whether to put up a a bright and sunny track or a more melancholic rainy one... so here's both.

First up is from George Lenton, who some might recognise from the dope MGMT and The King Blues remixes we included on our Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock mixtape. This is rather different to those. Although it's not necessarily happy, there's definitely a spring chirpiness to it. Vocals here are from Liz Lawrence whose solo acoustic tracks are definitely worth checking out too.

(YSI) George Lenton ft Liz Lawrence - Refresh / alt link

pic by Gem Vs Gem

Next is actually from a Hungarian Indie / Dance band we've been listening to called Mizantrop. Some great stuff but this moody instrumental track in particular caught our Chrome plated ear drums.

(YSI) Mizantrop - Jenny / alt link

Can pick up their whole album Down-Loud for free here.

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