Elucid Dreams

Told you we'd post up some more Elucid after he sent us a killer Kode 9 remix of his forthcoming EP. This album is from last year but as we missed it then and it's still fresh to death, infact in hindsight it's one of the best albums of 2008. Grounded in Hip-hop but never staying grounded for long as it takes technological trips all over the place with the help of guest production spots from the likes of Hudson Mohawke on the Psy-Crunk of Mannequin (Dead Fresh), Aeon with a driving off kilter Jazzed out beat on Automatic Writing, and Suhburb who adds a Dubstep flavour to his remix of Code For The Streets. Here's a few choice Chrome cuts but it's definitely worth grabbing the whole thing and giving it a proper listen.

(YSI) Elucid - We Carry On / alt link

(YSI) Elucid - Would Be Killer / alt link

(YSI) Elucid - Starstruck / alt link

(Direct Link) Elucid - Police & Thieves (zip)

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3 Responses to Elucid Dreams

Raz Boof said...

hey, isn't the kode9 rmx just elucid mcing over black sun? not that i mind... a proper kode9 rmx would be f*ckin faaantastic...

props for the ep. you guys always come correct.


ah hadn't picked up on that, don't really know Black Sun so well but now you've said it. Guess it leads us back into the debate of what constitutes a collaboration, is a dope tune though. Nice one for the comment Raz.

kamala said...


he's so wavy.