Too Hot To Phunk

South African crew P.H. Fat have always lived up to their name so far and this big bad and bass heavy thumper doesn't disappoint, definitely underlining our assertion that Cape Town is just about running things in the Bass scene right about now .

(YSI) P.H.Fat feat Fuzzy Slipperz - The Big Five / alt link

Think I might remember hearing a story about Tom Waits getting really wankered in Fabric when all of a sudden one of the Deejays, dragged him onstage to sing a little something over his set and this is the result... okay it's not, and that situation never did happen... but it could have and this could be.

(YSI) The Watkins Screamers - She Said / alt link

iamxl takes the Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five original, cooks it up with some baking soda and returns with Crack House.

(YSI) iamxl - White Lines (Back In Vancouver Remix) / alt link

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