Another One Bites....

How many times have we heard the story? Just before a festival is due to start, the police come in like early mafiosi and demand double the 'protection money' or the festival doesn't go ahead. If it's not that (which is the most common tactic) it's some kind of bullshit new restrictions which they've uncovered or rushed through that means the festival can't happen. I've been hearing these stories since Tribal Gathering a few years back, we were just on our way down to play a day or so early when we got told it was shutting down. It's bad enough that Festivals have to deal with mud and flood damage but to be sent, often into bankruptcy by the powers that be in such a cold calculated manner is beyond despicable. The latest in this line of casualties is Glade Festival. Hopefully it shall return next year but there's no doubt it would have been a hefty blow being essentially blackmailed out of this year's event.

We were supposed to be helping host a Glade Launch Party at Cardiff Arts Institute this Friday but instead we shall be having a Glade Memorial party with DJ sets from Doc Daneeka, Pirate Soundsystem and Clowncore King - Ed Cox.

Speaking of our hard working, hard drinking Welsh amigo, Doc Daneeka. He's provided the latest podcast from XLR8R, who have been a strong supporter so far. Strong Tropical, House, Techno, Dubstep and Future Garage flavours throughout and a fine warm up to both our event on Friday and his first US Appearance in Brooklyn, New York on June 4th.

Download / Listen: Doc Daneeka - XLR8R Podcast

And actually, speaking of Glade, we've been after a remix of Sabotage ever since somebody at the Arcadia stage played it last year. This Sunday just gone, someone else who happened to be at Arcadia at the same time told us it was an Alex Metric remix and then today, this copy of it was magically tweeted by the good guys at Ohh! Crapp. We love it when a plan comes together, especially when we haven't planned anything.

Download: Beastie Boys - Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit) / alt link

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