Time To Fling A Little Mud Up In This Mutha F**a

Just had some good news that we shall be rocking the massive Bassline Circus dome again at Glastonbury Festival (in the Shangri La area). We loved it last year we had stage invasions the lot it was sheer mentalism, however Stagga couldn't make it and was sorely missed. This time around we shall be rocking with full crew plus a few special guests at 1am on Friday night / Saturday morning so if you happen to be in a Somerset field nearby drop in and see us. Also Stagga will be rocking a solo set a few hours later so expect to be out all night / weekend.

Speaking of our prodigal bredren, here's a video he put together for his new tune. Plus this week you can finally pick up a copy of Timewarp thanks to the forward thinjing fellas at Robox Neotech (digital only but Vinyl coming throgh Sonic Lodge soon).

Stagga - The Dragon by Chrome Kids

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One Response to Time To Fling A Little Mud Up In This Mutha F**a

inaudible said...

Phat! pencilling it into the glaston diary