Go Kill Yourself

Always taking things one step further, High Rankin uses rather ungentlemanly tactics in his latest beatdown by kicking you in the face whilst your down on the floor laughing. Bastard. The punches come thick and fast too but to perhaps soften the blow or maybe as the coup de grace on his UFC style mix, he is giving away the first track here as a free download. It's not quite a consolatory pint but it does make the big man come off as a fairly decent chap. Kinda like Nino Brown giving away free turkeys at Christmas in New Jack City... oh yeah he's also re-launching his label Suicide Dub with a compilation of his dodgy mates. The music's amazing but you wouldn't want them round your nan's house.

High Rankin presents Soapy Tit Rank (May 2010 mix) by High Rankin


The News At 10 with Hugh Rankin
1. High Rankin - Suicide Dub 2.0 (Available for free 320 download here>>> www.suicidedub.co.uk)
2. Flux Pavilion - Got To Know
3. Gramaphonedzie - Why Don't You (High Rankin & Evolve Or Die Remix)
4. 501 - Echo In My Head
5. Dreadzone - Gangsters (Trolly Snatcher Remix)
6. Laid Blak - Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
7. Nero - Innocence
8. Delerium - Silence (High Rankin & Evolve Or Die Remix)
9. Alexis K - Violetta (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)
10. Boy 8-Bit - The Keep
11. Lil Silva - Seasons
12. Evolve Or Die - Wheel And Come (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)
13. Roby Howler - Basement
14. Mindflow - Switched (Cutline remix)
15. Cliffhanga (Megilano) - Landmines (Forthcoming on Suicide Dub)

High Rankin - Suicide 2 Point Oh by Underdogs

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3 Responses to Go Kill Yourself

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