Orange Mountain Gorillas

The man on so many peoples lips at the moment brings his first
album to the table on Mad Decent the label run by Diplo. I know
that some internet forum warriors opinion on his recent releases
have be coming in from all angles but who listens to those guys
anyway, eh?

If you know Rusko and his music you should know at this stage that
recently he is not afraid to take risks and OMG is no exception.
He seems to want to show listeners that is still having fun with
his production, while still trying to have something for the
people that are not full on electronic purists. He also manages
to find a way to a show some of the sounds that influence him.

The production, as to be expected from him is spot on. This can't
even be brought in question to be honest. There are moments on OMG
that make you think "what's going on here?" but they still manage
to gel with the album. As an album, this works very well but I'm
not so sure how some tracks would have stood up for Rusko to
release as individual tracks. One thing this album shows us is
versatility as a producer of both underground bass music and of
modern pop music. Love him or hate him, you can't deny what Rusko
does is being done very well.

Download: Rusko feat. Gucci Mane - Got Da Groove / alt link

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