Apologies for the lack of posts this week, been in Amsterdam and so decided to leave the computer for a while. Will catch up with everything and make sure I leave you a decent couple of posts this week. Was hoping to do some relevant to the Dam but have to say I found a distinct lack of suitable material while I was there. Even the clubs seemed to be missing some dirty bass driven goodness. There were a few things lined up for next week (typical) such as Caspa & Rusko and some D&B but couldn't really get a handle on any local people. If anyone out there can recommend any then shall do a special post for Dutch artists sometime soon.

Could have just been an off week of course but seems a shame as there's some perfect grimey venues out there. We ended up in a wicked little Reggae night at NDSM. A place which has it's own ferry so you'd expect a bit more than just a f**ked up bomb shelter looking building in the middle of an industrial estate. Thankfully though that's all it actually was, just a big warehouse with a phat stack of speakers at one end and the King Shiloh sound system at the other alongside LDM from Rome and their resident singer Dan I. Perfect for a bit of early morning skanking.

Before that we got lost in the same industrial estate and ended up on a massive party ship called the MS Stubnitz which had a Teepee pumping out jazzed up House on the top deck, Minimal Techno on the next floor and heavier Techno at the bottom. There was also a smaller room with a live band to the side. Almost a shame to leave it but the Reggae was calling. Definitely worth taking the trip to Amsterdam Noord for, most of the other places we ended up in were around the Red Light District but nothing really compared.

Just checking through the last few days post and have a copy of the new Food 4 Da Brain CD / DVD which has some exclusive tracks from the likes of Ghetto, Foreign Beggars, Terra Firma and Virus Syndicate. Haven't listened to it yet but had a quick check of the DVD which has 4 videos including these ones...

Terra Firma - Git Down

Virus Syndicate - Neva Argue

You can pick up your own copy from 24th November 2008. Check out for more details.

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