The Devil Goes Down To Dubstep

The future is not bright. It’s a place where fantasy and fury combine as post nuclear life becomes more brutal the further we send our machines to seek out more habitable environments underground. As they dig deeper into the realm of myth and legend, there must inevitably be a showdown between a vicious reality and the dark corners of imagination.

I think High Rankin might just be getting ready for that future, if he’s not there already. His latest EP on Suicide Dub – ‘You Me & The Devil’ has some of the toughest and grimiest dubz this side of Satansville and for those who didn’t grab a free copy over at Palms Out last month. Here it is in full flaming glory for you now.

Direct Links:

High Rankin' - Control Room

High Rankin' - Sulfur Tears
High Rankin' - We're All Dead
High Rankin' - The Airloom
High Rankin' - Assault Weapon Religion
High Rankin' - You, Me, and the Devil

(ZShare) High Rankin – You Me & The Devil EP (ZIP)

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