Finnish At The End

Managed to miss 3 undoubtedly fantastic DJ sets last night from Annie Mac, Fake Blood and Rico Tubbs (although did catch some great ones from Max Looker, Metabeats and the Skinny White Boys) as had to go play elsewhere just as Annie was getting on the decks (she was delayed thanks to an over zealous security guard trying to confiscate her make up - what's that about? Had to smuggle in make up for one girl, hardly a terrorist threat now is it).

Saw footage of Rico Tubbs set though and it looked incredible. At one point he picked up the CDJ and started scratching it as if he was playing the guitar, much to the crowds excitement. Did manage to catch up with him at an after party (which I'm still recovering from so apologies if this post is slightly sketchy). He was locked in conker to conker combat with one of the Lost & Found crew, the winner of which I missed I'm afraid. I found out a bit about his native Finland though and what the scene's like out there.

One of the things I was interested to find out about was Skweee, a music which I know very little about but have been keeping an ear out for recently. To be honest I find some of it rather cheap and and so I was pleased to find out that it wasn't all meant to be taken that seriously. And Skweee nights sound rather more fun then other more 'serious' digital music nights such as Dubstep for example, with the DJs mixing it up with the 80s electro funk it was born from and a much larger female attendance (not saying anything about the seriousness here by the way, but the fun most definitely).

If you're not familiar with Skweee (or Conflict R'n'B as it is also known) at all, here's a few tracks from Swedish producer Beem who is signed to one of the main Skweee labels Flogsta Danshall (which is based in Sweden, the other label to look out for is Harmönia out of Norway).

(YSI) Beem - Is This the Future

(YSI) Beem - The Famous

(YSI) Beem - Ducker

You can download a torrent for these and more here.

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2 Responses to Finnish At The End

Carl said...

Yeah, skweee.

Some of it sounds like Timbaland instrumentals to me (a good thing).

I like the fact they mostly release it on 7" singles..

..apart from the Eero Johannes album on Planet Mu, which is a corker.

Modeselektor's 2nd album had shades of this sound (the one with the really bad cover art of the adult mum and baby)

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