Let Oh Snap!! Dance

Oh Snap!! Follows up his brilliant ‘High Top Fade’ single on October 25th with a fresh new release. Unfortunately we don’t have any info on it at all yet, but we do have a new free track from him. I wonder if he can actually do the dances he name checks, now that would make a good video!

(YSI) Oh Snap! ! – Let Me Do My Dance

Also, if you’re in LA this week you can catch him at the following:

Oct 22 – Club Ave at Sevilla (Riverside, CA) – DJ SET
Oct 23 – The Heist at Florentine Gardens (Hollywood, CA) – LIVE & DJ SET w/ Stretch Armstrong
Oct 24 – OMG Fridays at the Avalon (Hollywood, CA) – LIVE & DJ SET w/ LMFAO
Oct 25 – Masquerade Warehouse Party (Downtown Los Angeles, CA) – DJ SET

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One Response to Let Oh Snap!! Dance

kamagra said...

It is one of the best festivals in the world, for example DJ set is one of my favorites one, I think that he is really good, I like his music!