"What did you people do to my head?"

Akira Kiteshi might sound more like a Japanese film director then a production duo based in Edinburgh, but a closer listen to their glitch riddled mutations of Hip-hop, Dubstep and Broken Beat shows that it is more than slightly fitting. The tracks carry the kind of juxtaposition between beauty and brutality that can be found in any Beat Takeshi film, the disjointed twisted lunacy of a Takeshi Miike movie and the eeriness at times of Hideo Nakata.

Plus if you played their album in a ‘Pink Floyd / Wizard of Oz’ type unison (if you haven’t done this already and don’t know what I’m on about, you can watch some of the Dark Side of the Rainbow here) you might find a similar synchronicity, especially the bit at the end when Tetsuo starts mutating. Do not fret however if you are unfamiliar with Japanese films, anybody with a taste for digitised, bastardised beats and bass should be more than satisfied. Here’s a taster to whet your appetite for their forthcoming EP on Black Acre Records, which will also feature Mike Slott (Heralds of Change / LuckyMe) and Clouds remixes.

(YSI) Akira Kiteshi - Albino Egg

(YSI) Akira Kiteshi – Style Hoppin

(YSI) Akira Kiteshi – Tea For Shree

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