Highs & Lows

Unlike the other Chrome Kids reviewer, I headed to the festival as a Glastonbury virgin, propelled by a bag full of ambition and a list of bands I told myself I had to see over the weekend. Although my head had been filled with horror stories of knee high mud, slashed tents and, most scarily, the state of campsite toilets, I don't think any hours of reading NME reviews or watching Zane Lowe on BBC3 could have prepared for the sheer force of the Pilton experience.

There's so much to write about, so in the spirit of fairness I will split it into the highs and lows:

HIGH: SHANGRI-LA & TRASH CITY: This whole area was pretty much the most memorable and special experience of the whole weekend. Not only did we get to play a really enjoyable set to the packed crowd in the Bassline Circus, but the whole energy and vibe seemed to resonate from the crazy partyheads and the copious amounts of fun people seemed to be having exploring the warped minds of those behind such a unique and ambitious project.

LOW: TENTS: Whoever invented tents and unleashed them upon music lovers is a dick, seriously.

HIGH: Q-TIP: Proving Hip-hop still has a place at the farm after the ballooned hype of Jay Z last year, the ringmaster delivered an unstoppable set weaving between old classic cuts from his tribe days to his latest highly overshadowed release, The Renaissance. Magic.

LOW: LITTLE BOOTS: I went to the John Peel Stage, she was their dressed as a Jedi. I went to the Guardian Lounge, she got on the piano and sang Earth Song. Even at a secret Fourtet gig up in The Park on the Friday at 1am where you thought you could escape? Nope, she's there trying to pretend to DJ. Maybe it was bad timing, but it did piss me right off.

HIGH: WE HAVE BAND: Believe the hype, these guys rock. Swirling Synths, great melodies and most importantly, they are nothing like I've seen before. Metronomy watch your backs, these guys are one to watch!

LOW: QUEUES: I know they're unavoidable, but if your going to Glasto prepare to wait in alot of them. I recommend a Chrome Kids mixtape to keep you entertained.

HIGH: TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB: After seeing them in Kruger magazine, and watching them play a spellbinding set on the Saturday, these guys were a definite highlight of the whole weekend and one I look forward to seeing in the future.

LOW: MICHAEL JACKSON DYING: Yeah it is a shame. No-one will have a bigger presence on dancefloors across the world for years to come. While some showed their respect in classic ways, fair play to Lily and the white glove, others literally took the piss, Jamie Cullum covering Thriller -badly.

HIGH: PASSION PIT: Sweeping melodies and a perfect summer soundtrack to the Saturday which turned out to be a real scorcher. With an arsenal of great songs such as The Reeling and Little Secrets the large crowd that had turned up to see these guys shows the power of the blog in informing new bands to the masses. Once worth seeing when they tour in October.

LOW: SCHEDULE CONFLICTS: They are unavoidable when it comes to a festival this size, but certain decisions have left a hole in my heart. Missing Animal Collective for Q Tip, Bon Iver for 2 Many DJs, these are decisions which may or may not come to define me as a person in later life.

There's so much i wished I had got to see - Raffertie, Rusko, La Roux, Art Brut.... but maybe that is what makes Glastonbury what it is. In a way you have to go back to see what you missed last year, and then try do the same thing over and over again. What I had spent hours planning to the last second to see, dashing to the John Peel Stage to see a over-hyped Dan Black, where I could have simply stumbled into the nearest tent and caught some of an amazing act I had never heard before, Emmy the Great.

Whatever your opinion on the experience, Camper Van next year yeah?

(YSI) Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Jazzsteppa Remix) / alt link

(YSI) Little Boots - Meddle (Old Money Edit) / alt link

(YSI) Mochipet - Michael Jackson Loves Dubstep Thriller / alt link

(YSI) Q-Tip vs. Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Breathe And Stop / alt link

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