This Is The Life

Backed up by a soundtrack that spans over two decades of clubbing, all wrapped up in a tasty present day pastiche, New York City’s Vinyl Life at first sound a bit like classic Jungle Brothers, only with haircuts and designer jeans, before delving deeper into the club, ending up in the ladies toilets doing lines off somebody's breast, losing any associations with the Brother's afrocentric meanderings on the dancefloor of the club's sweaty backroom where all the really cool kids hang out.

Finally they hit the after party and it ain't stopping til way past 6am as their forthcoming self titled album and Jack The Hype mix are left to loop round on the player until the very last few remaining people are left standing... and that's probably going to be Vinyl Life themselves.

(YSI) Vinyl Life vs. Kraftwerk - Good Life (It's More Fun To Compute) / alt link

(Direct Link) Vinyl Life - Jack The Hype Mix (zip)

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