We got a heavy bag of Dubstep for you today people, some chilled some fire for the floor but all help to highlight why the scene is literally taking over right now.

First up is something a little different from the massive jump up remixes we've come to know and love from Doorly. Bit more of a slowly intense grinding smoulderer but no less impact, as he takes on the new Basement Jaxx track Raindrops out on XL Recordings.

(YSI) Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly's Dubstep Remix) / alt link

This is just a 128 promo but you can pick up the wav or higher quality MP3 here.

Those kind fellas at Brainfeeder have made Mary Anne Hobbs' Sonar set available on their site. As strong a selection as you'd expect from the queen of the scene, with artists such as Reso, Starkey, Pinch, Skream, Martyn and Mala (full tracklisting here)

(Direct Link) Mary Anne Hobbs - Sonar 09 Mix

Plus here's the Joker set from Sonar too, but no tracklisting unfortunately.

(ZShare) Joker - Sonar 09 Mix

Widdler has been busy finishing up the recording of his deep and dark concept album called Origin and will also be releasing some of his older tracks such as Go Ask Alice on a louder, meaner, and more party oriented album. Hopefully he should also be dropping Froggy Style within the next few months with remixes from Zeno, hd4000 and Tekstep remixes.

(YSI) Widdler Vs Collie Budz - Come Around Bootleg / alt link

(YSI) Widdler - We Ready Bootleg / alt link

(YSI) Widdler - Fine Day Bootleg / alt link

(ZShare) Widdler throwback pack (old tunes) (zip)

One of Italy's premier Dubstep groups, Numa Crew EP have just dropped their first full length album on Florida based label FoulPlay Dubstep and have this handy little promo put together by label boss Prolific as an introduction.

(Direct Link) Numa Crew EP - Promo Mix by Prolific


1. Lapo-Runner Pig
2. Lapo-Drifting Academy
3. Botz-Forgotten Files
4. Lapo-Badass
5. Botz-Murder
6. Arge-Disasta Dub
7. Arge-Dub Club

Don't know much about Sub-Universe or Prepare To Meet Thy Broom. But this track has been described as 'like a Commodore on crack', which is good a reason as any to post it up.

Sub-Universe - Computer Game (Prepare To Meet Thy Broom Remix) / alt link

Only just got round to subscribing to the Juno Download Dubstep Podcast, very slack we know and it's no doubt left us far behind where we should be. So don't make the same mistake and subscribe now. The latest edition has new tracks from the likes of Ike Release, Bombaman, Vaski, Skulltrane and Brackles.

(Direct Link) Juno Download Dubstep Podcast (iTunes)

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