Low Down Dirty Dogma

Only just found out that Jack Beats is actually Plus One from Scratch Perverts and Beni G from Mixologists, two of the best DJs out there during my Hip-hop days and now by the strength of their forthcoming UFO EP, two of the best dance music producers of the moment too. This is the kind of dirt that we're craving for the dancefloor right now and so we're grateful to Dizz & Draz for dropping us this bootleg of new Jack Beats track Labyrinth and the Beat Assassins remix of Tittsworth's WTF. Fire!

(YSI) Jack Beats Vs Tittsworth - Labyrinth (Dizz And Draz "WTF" Bootleg) / alt link

We've also been sent a whole load of new Bassnectar tracks which are so big I'm not sure how to keep any of them out of our next chart. Why there isn't the love that is due to Bassnectar in the Dubstep world over here is beyond me, definitely a firm favourite. Unfortunately for you guys we can't share any of those but we do have a bootleg they knocked up on more of a laid back Hip-hop tip with a couple of their unreleased tracks and a Lupe Fiasco track. This isn't the club destroyer that the rest are but if the bass in your car stereo is weighty enough then give yourself a few minutes to go cruising round the block with this one cranked up loadly.

(YSI) Bassnectar - Land Of The Lupes / alt link

Dubstep seems to be how Troublemaker satisfies his dark side. One moment his tracks are Electro floor fillers and bass heavy Hip-hop hands in the air head nodders, then out of nowhere he'll drop some moody nastiness like this. The quality still remains constant throughout though so we're certainly nor complaining.

(YSI) Mastodon - Oblivion (Troublemaker Remix) / alt link

Speaking of dark and moody Dubstep, here's a sinister flex from Stagga featuring his Dead Residents badmate and general UK Hip-hop legend Junior Disprol, that still does the damage on the dancefloor.

(YSI) Stagga ft Junior Disprol - Premonition Dub / alt link

Nobody seems to know where this tune appeared from or have any information on it at all. A scan of our inbox reveals nothing. Whoever it was though deserves a major big up though because Kids In Tracksuits provide some gnarly as hell Hip-hop beats that give Mr Lif a new lease of life. Guessing this is a new track and it's good to see the Kids back on fine form, much as we love the Lone solo stuff this kind of toughness can be rather more satisfying at times.

(YSI) Kids In Tracksuits feat. Mr Lif - Zone / alt link

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3 Responses to Low Down Dirty Dogma

WallyG said...

shit mang...ur on the same page as me with this music shit hah...dubstep, MR LIF! and idk if u just put that mastadon pic up without knowing but thats a doope ass metal band...id recommend there new album (instrumental version)
i started up a lil blog a couple weeks ago with(dubstep, dnb, hiphop, "house" and instrumental bands...)

i got yall in the broll

Stay Up,


nice one Wally, will check it out.

Dizz said...

yo yo just thought id kick you guys the 320 of my Labyrinth bootleg...

Enjoy ya'll,