Dirty Weekend

It's been a long weekend, one which we shall tell you all about soon, but first we have an inbox overflowing with great tracks so we figured we'd share a few of our favourites with you.

It's perhaps too soon to call Hovatron a legend, especially when he's still living in the future, but we were undoubtedly over-pleased to recieve this track from the esteemed member of Montreal's seminal Turbo Crunk crew, especially as it's such a beauty. Think the Mystery Machine members from Scooby Doo investigating an Acid House rave in an abandoned fairground that has been haunted by an evil Hyphy Monster, and that pretty much sums up the vibe of this one.

(YSI) Hovatron - Gypsy Trader / alt link

The track is taken from a self release that he's just dropped on his Myspace, go and check it out. Also check the page for Hovatron's European Tour dates alongside his fellow Turbo Crunk conspirator Lunice. Here's a little mix from the two of them.

(ZShare) Lunice & Hovatron - Demo Reel

Mochipet just hit us up with a copy of his Mary Anne Hobbs mix from a couple of weeks back. A friggin' evil Dubstep adventure with elements of Crunked up Hip-hop, Rockin' out guitars and of course a touch of Michael Jackson too.

(Direct Link) Mochipet on Mary Anne Hobbs, July 7th 2009 (zip)

16bit will be making their Fabriclive debut this Friday alongside Drop The Lime and Starkey. We shall hopefully see him playing the Music By Numbers night here in Cardiff soon too, as long as some pretty nasty and underhanded promoter politics get's cleaned up properly.

Here's a stinking remix of the Borgore track Foes, that see's a clash of the synths between Dubstep and G Funk. Perfect to play if you happen to be taking a low rider to a demolition derby.

(YSI) Borgore - Foes(16bit Fuck Hoes Remix) / alt link

Our friends over at Attorney Street have dropped their first Digi-12" release from Old Money and have sent us a promo copy of the bonus track to pass out. It's their take on a classic Bon Jovi track, moving it into Electro House territory. One for Saturday night dancefloor filling for sure. You can pick up the 320 version on the Where You Are release, grab it via Paypal here.

(YSI) Old Money - Take My Hand / alt link

Next we have the first in a series of mashups & remixes by Mandrake Sounds. A high energy Electro classic meets a low grumbling Dubstep monster.

(YSI) Afrika Bambaata - Planet Rock (Mandrake Sounds Remix) / alt link

Been a while since we heard from those Texan noise terrorists Chopigula and at first glance they seemd to have mellowed somewhat on their new 12" Magma. But even though the tracks might not carry the organised chaos we've come to know, love and fear, instead leaving space for emcees Zeale and Phranchyze to do their thing, there is still that menacing tribal flavour underlying both of these tracks, so don't say we didn't warn you.

(YSI) Chopigula ft Phranchyze - Pyre Pot / alt link

(YSI) Chopigula ft Zeale - Zapocalypse Dub / alt link

Sweat It Out have just dropped some funk crunching flavour in the shape of Italian producer Pablo Calamari. It has remixes from the likes of Scottie B, DJ Beware and DCUP, so even if you go to the same black market he bought his wife from, you should hunt this down.

(YSI) Pablo Calamari - I Bought My Wife on the Blackmarket (Club Mix) / alt link

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