Happy Halloween People

We shall be getting our living dead on for the Bristol Zombie Walk then ducking rude boy yout's armed with an unlimited supply of eggs to get to Shout Out Loud's Dance Of The Dead in Cardiff before getting ourselves properly zombiefried, dancing til the dawn of the dead then perking ourselves up with a couple of Bloody Marys and carrying on with the rest of the weekend. Feel free to join us or let us know your plans for this most freakish of festivites. Here's some ghoulish goodies to get your groove on to (did I really just say that? Could well deserve being hung drawn and quartered for real over that shocking string of words).

Download: DJ POL Style - Vampire Killah EP (zip)

Download: Kaptain Cadillac - Mad Decent: Kill Yourself Vol 4 / Tracklisting

Download: Ben Samples - Crypt Tales / alt link

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