Off The Charts

As we were putting this month's chart together we realised that we were primarily using it just to post a bunch of tunes we haven't got round to yet, so rather than go through such a farce, we've simply posted those tunes... remember they were good enough to go in our chart so they must be worth having. If you want to check out Kaptin's personal chart for this month it's here.


Shafiq Husayn – Nirvana / alt link

Prince Kong feat. Jah Balance – Stamina Dub / alt link

Tom Piper & Nick Correlli - Indisco (Bar 9 Remix) / alt link

NORE feat Kid Cudi - Floatin' (Bird Peterson Remix)/ alt link

Mochipet - Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ Sep & Jason Short Dub Mix Featuring DJ Collage) / alt link

Dr. Science - Roaches and Rats / alt link

JAYOU – Zub / alt link

Gucci Mayne - Stupid (Dema Refixxx) / alt link

Tori Amos - Me & A Gun (AP RMX) / alt link

Image by Goldie from Subvert Magazine Interview.

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