Which Way West

As the rain kicks in here at Chrome Mansions let's look to sunnier climates and head over to the West Coast, USA for a sonic holiday.

Flying Skulls hit us up with two of their new releases, which comprise of remixes from their Take Flight remix by artists such as Mochipet, Ribotto and their own BBQ Chicken Dub alter egos. Abducted Vol 1 is out on Addictech now or on iTunes as of tomorrow. Abducted Vol 2 is out as an exclusive release on Daly City Records and includes this remix of Skeleton Talk. With it's machine gun drum patterns, some of the squelchiest bass alive and twisted G funk synths, it's kinda like listening to classic Dr Dre in a K hole.

Download: Skeleton Talk (BBQ Chicken Dub Remix) / alt link

Meanest Man Contest just dropped us this superbly spaced out remix of their track Day Off Theme from the excellent new Leaders compilation on Subtitle's Briefcase Rockers label (also featuring Lazer Sword, Small Is Beautiful, Debruit, Crunc Telsa and a whole heap more). On this version their pal Calamalka from Vancouver gives it a beautifully liquid sounding Rolf Harris wobble.

Download: Meanest Man Contest - Day Off Theme (Calamalka Remix) / alt link

Not many Emcees can touch Gift Of Gab for straight up free firing flow and liquid lyricism. A master of his art that at times is mind blowing and at others has you waving bananas in the air in a funk fuelled frenzy, so of course we await the new album eagerly. If you're also a fan of the gifted one then you can pre-order his sophomore solo album here. If not then maybe this track can convince you, a latin tinted funk nodder with a lovely dubbed out breakdown at the end.

Download: Gift Of Gab - El Gifto Magnifico / alt link

Muti Music just uploaded this sinister low fi creeper from the Glitch Mob and PantYRaid don Ooah onto their Soundcloud account. We're not certain but it's probably a teaser for the next Acid Crunk compilation from An-ten-nae due out on Muti in November.

The label also have a compilation out now that they've put together for the Symbiosis Gathering festival that is most definitely worth copping (out on Addictech at the moment and full release in the next couple of weeks). It features the original of the Skeleton Talk track posted above and some of our other favourites from the likes of An-ten-nae and Eskmo.

Ooah - Foolish Science by Muti

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