Skream Night By Night

I remember playing an impromptu Reggae set at the very first Bestival a few years back. I'd exhausted all my 7" singles that I just happened to have with me and the next DJ was still nowhere in sight. It was a case of go back through them or throw on a track from the Chromeo promo CD I had in my pocket. I went for the second option, dropped Needy Girl and they loved it. The track finished and still no sign of the next DJ so I thought bugger it and threw on another track from the album. I got through 5 tracks before the next DJ did eventually surface and nobody semmed to mind at all... anyway, I don't have a similar Skream story but his tunes have dropped just right on many other occasions. Not sure how we missed this from Green Label Sounds, it's already done the rounds a fair bit by the looks of things but if we did maybe you did too, so here you go.

Download: Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix) / alt link

Bonus Download: Waajeed - Tetris / alt link (via XLR8R)

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