This One Time At Bandcamp

This one time at Bandcamp I was listening to one of the guys playing some music. You know, the kind of music which reaches inside your soul and takes you on a journey through your past lives and present memories, the kind that like the 3 ghosts of Christmas demands reflection as well as assessment and even a promise to the future. It was the type of company needed to guide you through the low moments, to help calm the rough waves and so ride them to the edge rather than trying to escape and have them crashing down on you later. It was a semi-meditative state without sacrificing consciousness and it was clarity without regimented conformity. It was pianos and strings, synths and glitched up beats, it was decidely beautiful and it was also being played by the same Josh Mayer sometimes known as Ooah from The Glitch Mob and PANTyRAID. It was Of Porcelain and you can pick up the album at Bandcamp now for whichever price you choose, we think it's worth a fair amount mind.

Download: Of Porcelain - Signal The Captain / alt link

Download: Of Porcelain - Bleeding Mirrors Remix / alt link

One band I'm almost always guaranteed to catch at Festivals, and they seem to always be there, is Babyhead. Not something I would complain about mind, their high energy mix of Ska, Funk and Hip-hop is highly infectious and never fails to get even the most beaten of bodies bouncing. Something happened this year however, things have changed somewhat in the Babyhead camp. They are no less infectious and no less hypnotising in both music and performance but there's a deeper, darker depth to their music. A maturity of experience and perhaps frustration that might alienate some of the strictly jump up funsters but that for those who have matured alongside has perhaps even more resonance than before and is reflective of the times within which they are a changing in. You can pick up their new 3 track EP for free also on Bandcamp.

Download: Babyhead - Phantom Power Reworked / alt link

Download: Babyhead - Swan Song / alt link

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Astrid said...
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Astrid said...

the of porcelain album is wicked.. thanks for this.