The Don Marches On

We've been running round like a bunch of mad March hares for the last month or so and we've taken our eye off the ball a few times. One particular ball just hit us in the face when we realised that the March mix we had off our amgio Don Leisure has slipped into April. We're not the most respectful of rules or time however and this mix will remain fresh for many moons to come so for your listening pleasure...

Don Leisure - March Mix by Chrome Kids on Mixcloud

The mix features new and unreleased tracks by FlyLo, Dilla and Mr Healan, Rodski (from C.R.S.T.) and Metabeats (as Darkhouse Family). There's also a new tune from our boy Monky (note the new spelling).

Loose Women - Rodski x Don Leisure by C.R.S.T

Monky - French Vanilla by Monky

Darkhouse Family also have a track (Stay Blazed) on the new Producer 2 compilation on Fat City which also features Martyn, Dabrye, Daedelus, dBridge and Mike Slott amongst others.

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