Superisk Of Spillz

Our bredren Superisk from out of Bristol's mighty Central Spillz collective hit us up with this killer mix, hosted by fellow Spillz member and general man about town Koast. We've heard a few of the forthcoming tracks from Superisk's Space Travel LP and they are sounding heavy. The Central Spillz boys will be hitting our home town of Cardiff alongside Pangaea and our very own Monky on May 21st, looking forwards to that one for definite.

Download: Superisk & Koast - What The Foo Mix


1. Rodigan Intro
2. Central Spillz – What Ya Know About? (Superisk Remix) (Forthcoming Bad Influences)
3. Royal T – Side Effect (Kahn and Asa remix)
4. Mensah – Stapleton Road (Forthcoming HENCH)
5. Rox – No Going Back (Guido Remix) (Rough Trade)
6. Joker – Tron (Forthcoming Kapsize)
7. B-Lam (Feat. Naomi Jeremy) – Circles (Kahn Remix) (Forthcoming Sureskank)
8. Gemmy – Maroon Chant (Dub)
9. Central Spillz – Centraleyes (Superisk Space Travel LP Sampler)
10. Superisk – Find Your Way (Forthcoming)
11. Central Spillz – Aim High Part 2 (Gemmy Instrumental)
12. Heny G – 1985 (Dub)
13. Joker – Taste The Rainbow (Dub)
14. Siesta – Hide And Seek (Dub)
15. Sduk – YouNyt (Forthcoming Subdepth)
16. Guido – Korg Back (Dub)
17. Gatekeeper & Grillza – Truth In The Booth Part 2 (Feat. Spillz, Dread MC & Rider Shafique)

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