A Photo Finish, Let's Check That Again...

For those of you who missed the fantastic mixes from The MF Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder / Art Don't Sleep) and Mike Slott (Heralds Of Change / Lucky Me) a couple of weeks back on Mary Anne Hobbs' show then here's another chance to decide who comes out on top... personally I think it's a waste of time trying to see it like that though, just listen, appreciate and enjoy two master craftsmen.

Mike Slott mix:

Mike Slott - '23 halfs' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Black Keys' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Musics Fun' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Flunky' (All City Records)
Rustie - 'Quick Tunnels' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'Knock Knock' (All City Records)
Yann Kesz - 'Like a Purple Shade'
Mike Slott - 'Bamhouse' (unreleased)
Nicole willis - 'Soul Investigators Theme Mike Slott Reflunk' (ATC Recordings)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo+Mike Slott) 'Future' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Cadet' (unreleased)
Mike Slott - 'My Lightbridge' (All City Records)
Mike Slott - 'Home' (unreleased)
Flying Lotus - 'Roberta Flack' Mike Slott Reflunk (Warp Records)

Download: Direct Link / YSI

The Gaslamp Killer mix:

The Gaslamp Killer - 'Intro'
Lorn - 'Unreleased'
Kode 9 Ft. The Space Ape - 'Nine Samurai'
Bar 9 - 'Untitled Symphony'
Bar 9 - 'Murda Sound'
Caspa - 'Oh R Ya?'
Mike Jones - 'Still Tippin'
Trick Daddy - 'Shut Up'
Portishead - 'Over'
Mr.Chop Featuring Malcolm Catto - 'Metropolis Del Ferro'
Ghostface Killah - 'Nutmeg'
Samiyam - 'The Return'
Flying Lotus - 'Ab-Original'
Mrr - 'Mikepsych'
Fando Y Lis' Outro

Download: Direct Link / YSI

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