Raffertie & Toast

Well I left a few goodies for you as I’m off to Bestival for the weekend but I can’t leave without a little something for the Dubstep fiends. Last week I mentioned the Philly DJ called Starkey, well if anyone tuned into his show on Sub FM a couple of days ago they would have heard a sick (‘and getting sicker by the day’) new tune by Raffertie called Wobble Horror which comes like a hardcore rave on the Starship Enterprise and is one of my favourite dubz of the year so far. It will be out soon as part of the Antisocial EP on Slit Jockey so make sure you keep your ears to the ground for that one.

To catch a listen now you can head over to Raffertie’s Myspace or check the Starkey show from the beginning of the week here.

First I heard of Raffertie was the Toast remix of his track ‘Antisocial’ which starts like it should be a garage tune than drops off the Richter scale with a sound that isn’t too far removed from an emcee battle between mutant space frogs…what you’ve not heard that? Well it’s down below so you can see what I mean. Also included another Toast track which is a more paced out and thoughtful affair.

(YSI) Raffertie – Antisocial (Toast Refix)

(YSI) Toast - Bag

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