Chrome Kids Get Lean Up

Whilst we're on a bit of a soulful tip I have to give a mention and a huge bigUP to the London soulstress that is Rookwood.

Stepping out of the Spitkingdom family (Killa Kela, MC Trip, etc) Rookwood has all the right trappings to make up an R'n'B star - Good looks, great songs, beautiful voice.

Thankfully though there's a bit more to Rookwood then that and her tracks display far more integrity then your average wash and go R'n'B muppets out there.

This is reflected in her choice of producers for the album Pinky Ring - Dynamite MC, Does It Offend You Yeah? and Scratch Perverts to name a few. All of which add just the right touch of digital dirt to the mix.

Although there's no UK release date for this yet, it is currently 'big in Japan', recently hitting Number 15 on the Japanese ITunes chart.

(YSI) Rookwood - Lean (produced by Dynamite MC)

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