Steppin' Down & Dirty

Scuse the lack of posts over the last few days... although the Chrome Kids family is growing, at the moment the blog side of things is down to me and this week has been the get ready for uni time. Should be back on it after Wednesday.

Speaking of Uni, last term after a documentary I was working on with somebody else about Dubstep in Wales was wiped off the computer (I know, I know - back that shit up), we quickly had to come up with a plan B and ended up doing a 'mockumentary' on Thugstep - which we described as being a cross between Dirty South and Dubstep (kind of). Well it doesn't suprise me that there are actually people out there calling the tracks their making Thugstep already and it's similar to what we described. I shall be covering a couple of them over the weeks but first I have to give mention to a similar (if not exactly the same) branch of Dubstep - Dirtystep (or Crunkstep maybe). Here represented by New York producers DJ Nebulla and DJ Dore in their 2nd installment of the Dirtystep Mixtape, featuring their own bootleg remixes of artists such as 3:6 Mafia, T.I. and Soulja Boy in a way that elevates the originals greatly and actually gives the 'Dirty' in Dirty South some credence.

(Direct Link) Dirtystep Mixtape Volume 2

and here's a few Direct Links to the individual tracks...

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Crank Dat

DJ Dore & CONstruct - Ay Ay Bay

DJ Dore - Slap

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Stay Fly

Nebulla & DJ Dore - Big Thing Poppin' (Do It)

You can keep up to date by checking the Dirtystep website.

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